September 24, 2021
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Innovation of Clearlight Saunas in partnership with Business Australia

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Saunas heat up through innovation

Sauna retailer levels up as innovator and manufacturer in regional Brunswick Heads, implementing a broad range of recommendations in their bespoke Growth Roadmap and making the most of free services through the Entrepreneurs Programme.

Bold aspirations

Clearlight Saunas Pty Ltd is the leading APAC reseller of Clearlight infrared cabin saunas. The company identified a growth opportunity and developed IP for a portable IR sauna, The Dome, to add to their range. They came into EP with the aspiration to commercialize The Dome and set up manufacturing facilities to produce locally. 

However, these plans needed to be more embedded in the team to ensure strategic alignment, and the business required urgent advice on manufacturing technology to progress the commercialization plan. The team took the tailored recommendations onboard and embarked on strategic work through a series of Business Design workshops. They immediately developed production forecasts and engaged the EP’s Technology adviser to map out a tiered plan for automated manufacturing. 

Leading to excel

Eager to make the most of the free mentoring, they engaged their Growth Facilitator in some company think-tanks. It was highlighted that culture is one of the strongest determining factors behind successful high-growth companies, so Clearlight used a sophisticated EP tool, ‘Climate for Growth’, to assess their leadership and culture. CEO Sebastian Mireau also decided to join a 10-month free CEO Masterclass series dedicated to leadership.

Their first step was to engage Growth facilitator Maria Collyer to develop a Growth Roadmap. The process uncovered bold aspirations to become world leaders in the wellness industry, with sophisticated strategic plans in place. 

"We at Clearlight are thrilled about the opportunity to learn from world-class coaches and share with thriving fellow CEOs, as it will strengthen our company in many ways.”

– Sebastian Mireau

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