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Maintenance Guide

We recommend you perform routine cleaning and maintenance checks to keep your saunas looking and performing at their best.


Our Hot Tips

Check and tighten door hinges (using Torque wrench set to 7.5Nm, and 2.5mm Allen key)
Leave the sauna door open after your last sauna of the day to air out the cabin overnight
Check hinges and latch on charging station door (using Phillips head screwdriver)
Reguarly clean high traffic areas where sweat can pool, eg, bench seat, back rest and floor.
Check WiFi Connectivity for any issues. Check the WiFi Set Up Guide for more assistance.
Regularly perform the sauna functionality tests. Refer to Maintenance Check List.


How do you maintain a sauna?

Leigh from our Clearlight Team runs you through some key maintenance tips.


WiFi Set Up

App Installation

Hinge Maintenance


Cleaning Check List

  • Wipe slats - ensure moisture is removed on the bottom slat nearest the bench seat, as moisture build up may cause mould
  • Wipe down the Bench seat
  • Wipe the charging station interior and glass door
  • Clean all glass panels with glass cleaner and a soft cloth (including behind 0S heaters)
  • Leave the sauna doors open after the last session to air out the cabin overnight
  • Remove the full spectrum heaters (front heaters) and clean the glass behind them
  • Wipe the glass roof in Sanctuary saunas, there will be a build up of dust over time

Routine Maintenance Check List

Depending on levels of use, on average, routine maintenance should be carried out every 40 hours of operation, per sauna.

  • Check and adjust door alignment
  • Check and tighten door hinges to 7.5Nm using a torque wrench
  • Check and tighten door handles
  • Tighten the magnet screws at the base of the door
  • Check and tighten the charging station door
  • Check and repair benches as required
  • Perform a temperature check on all heaters using a temperature gun
  • Perform a sauna functionality test:
    a) Heaters
    b) Keypad
    c) Sound & Bluetooth
    d) Lights

Commercial saunas

Maintenance Tips


Safety Signage

For the comfort and safety of your customers, please display this warning signage where it can be easy seen.

Maintenance & Care Guide

Your Comprehensive guide on how to keep your sauna functioning and looking its best.

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