Infrared Sauna Maintenance Guide

Sauna glass door handle

We recommend you perform routine cleaning and maintenance checks to keep your saunas looking and performing at their best.

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Check and tighten door hinges, using a Torque wrench set to 7.5Nm, and 2.5mm Allen key. Refer to the Hinges Guide, below.


For commercial settings, make sure the safety signage is clearly displayed for your customers. Download the Signage below.


Check the hinges and latch on the charging station door, using a Phillips head screwdriver.


Regularly clean high traffic areas with where sweat can pool, eg, back of the bench seat, back rest and the floor.


Check WiFi Connectivity for any issues. If any issues, check the WiFi Set Up Guide below for more assistance.


Regularly perform the sauna functionality tests. Refer to the comprehensive Maintenance Check List. You can download the PDF, below.


Handy guides

App Installation

view and download

Hinge Maintenance

view and download

Safety Signage

For commercial sauna settings, please display this signage for the safety of your customers.

view and download

Maintenance Guide

Your Comprehensive guide on how to keep your sauna functioning and looking its best.

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Regular Cleaning

Wipe slats - ensure moisture is removed on the bottom slat nearest the bench seat, as moisture build up may cause mould

Wipe down the Bench seat

Wipe the charging station interior and glass door

Clean all glass panels with glass cleaner and a soft cloth (including behind FS heaters)

Leave the sauna doors open after the last session to air out the cabin overnight

Remove the full spectrum heaters (front heaters) and clean the glass behind them

Wipe the glass roof in Sanctuary saunas, there will be a build up of dust over time

Routine Maintenance

Check and adjust door alignment

Check and tighten door hinges to 7.5Nm using a torque wrench

Check and tighten door handles

Tighten the magnet screws at the base of the door

Check and tighten the charging station door

Check and repair benches as required

Perform a temperature check on all heaters using a temperature gun

Perform a sauna functionality test:
a) Heaters
b) Keypad
c) Sound & Bluetooth
d) Lights

Protecting & Maintaining

Before using your sauna for the first time, clean the outside of the sauna with a damp cloth. Use your preferred furniture polish on the exterior.

Place a towel on the floor and bench to absorb perspiration. Wash these often to maintain a clean and pleasant environment inside the sauna.

Perspiration may darken the wood over time. This can be removed by a light sanding with a fine grit sandpaper.

Temperature Checks

Invest in an infrared temperature device to check the sauna is reaching temperature regularly. Ensure the inside vent is closed after each session.

Wooden Slats

Discourage customers from holding onto the slats to stretch in the sauna - they will break and are not built for this purpose.

Keypad Lock Function

Use the lock function to prevent unintentionally touching the keypad and altering the Settings.

The keypad can be locked to prevent it from turning on or off or the temperature adjusted. There are 2 locking functions:

1. Lock Entire Keypad
Hold down the INSIDE light button for 5 seconds. This will lock the entire keypad. To unlock the keypad, repeat the above step.

2. Lock Keypad - Light Button will continue to work
Hold down the OUTSIDE light button for 5 seconds. This will lock the entire keypad except for the light buttons. To unlock the keypad, repeat the above step.

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