The Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna provides ultra-low EMF and ELF infrared therapy, dedicated to raising the core body temperature for a more intense sweat. Enjoy infrared sauna therapy outside thanks to its durable Cedartec® shell, allowing for outdoor placement. These beautiful designs are guaranteed to stand out among your entertainment areas thanks to their elegant accent lighting, which makes them perfect additions for beautifying homes or commercial properties alike.

Utilizing both True Wave® infrared heaters, for both extreme heat and far infrared health benefits, alongside our exclusive EMF shielding technology. This sleek Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna ensures optimal comfort and sauna bathing year-round without sacrificing style or performance.

Accommodating add-ons such as Red Light Therapy, medical-grade Chromotherapy lights and VRT (Vibrational Resonance Therapy), our saunas are leaps ahead of any other sauna out there today!

The True Wave® infrared waves have been shown to reduce joint pain and sore muscles, support weight loss and mental health conditions and improve blood circulation, blood flow, and cardiovascular function, all while removing toxins according to peer-reviewed studies.

A Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna benefits your overall health, and you'll never need anything else when it comes to your infrared sauna because we offer a lifetime guarantee to go with it. Relax and enjoy the dry heat of your infrared sauna treatments outside with a Clearlight®.

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