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We’ve changed the Sauna game. And now we’re changing our impact.

In a world that is driven by consumerism, we believe there is an alternative way to doing business. Just by doing what we love, Clearlight Saunas International are proud to contribute to positive impacts for a better world – with a goal to become carbon negative by the year 2031.

Total Impacts 14,652, as part of our Sustainable Development Goals.

How does it work?

Saunas For Positive Change is a new initiative from Clearlight® Saunas, and it's our commitment to making a difference for the environment.

We know that saunas can have a positive impact on people's health, but we want to do more than that. We want to help save the planet!

For every Clearlight® Sauna purchased, we protect 2m2 of endangered rainforest in Australia and planting 5 trees in India. We will also be rescuing 1kg of food waste from going into landfill, and providing 4 days of solar lighting to a family in need.

Saunas For Positive Change is about more than just buying a sauna - it's about making a difference, and helping to create a better future for our planet!

What is our goal?

Our company has a global mission to positively impact our planet and that starts with us being carbon-negative.

We believe that it's important to operate in a way that positively contributes towards change on Earth, starting with becoming carbon-negative by 2031 - and you can help us do this!

To achieve this goal and make an impact for years to come, we've chosen the support of some fantastic partners, like B1G1, Rainforest Rescue, Foodbank, Gram Vikas, and Habitat For Humanity.

Together with you, we’re able to do great things in this world.

How are we taking action?

We are taking action by impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action that will end poverty, protect the planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

These 17 goals build on successes from previous efforts like Millennium Development Goals while including new areas such as climate change economic inequality, innovation etc, among other priorities - interconnected often key for success in one goal involves tackling issues more commonly associated with another.

Here are the real time impacts Clearlight® Saunas has made to date through the Saunas To Protect Our Planet initiative.

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