What's the Best Outdoor Sauna?

Our Top Picks for Outdoor Saunas of 2023

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At Clearlight Saunas, we believe that spending time in nature is essential for our physical and mental health. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive guide to the best saunas of 2023 for outside your house, based on our extensive experience.

Whether you're looking for a traditional sauna or a modern infrared sauna, we've got you covered. In this blog, we'll share our top picks and explain why they stand out from the competition.

We Reviewed the Best Outdoor Sauna Range of 2023: Our Top Picks for Relaxation and Wellness

Let's first talk about the advantages of outdoor saunas vs indoor saunas before we move on to our favourites. Sauna clinical studies suggest that using a sauna regularly can enhance blood flow, strengthen the immune system, alleviate stress and anxiety, and minimise the chance of developing cardiovascular illness.

You can enjoy fresh air, natural light, and scenic views while using an outdoor sauna. Furthermore, you can have a spacious and private sauna experience with friends and family.

The Methodology: How We Chose the Best Outdoor Sauna Range

To select our top picks, we considered several factors, including:

  • Performance: How well does the sauna heat up, maintain temperature, and distribute heat evenly?
  • Design: Is the sauna well-built, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly?
  • Features: Does the sauna offer useful features such as Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and digital controls?
  • Price: Is the sauna a good value for its price range?
  • Customer reviews: What do other customers say about the sauna's performance, design, features, and customer service?

1. Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna

The Clearlight Outdoor Infrared Sauna is an ideal option for both residential and commercial settings, offering all the benefits of a traditional sauna and allowing users to experience the outdoors while using it. This sauna features a robust Cedartec® shell that ensures longevity, and its ultra-low EMF and ELF emissions make it safe for regular use.

Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna stands out from other saunas on the market because it comes with unique add-ons and customizable options. Additionally, this sauna is backed by a lifetime guarantee, which shows Clearlight's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Total Score = 4/5 stars. The only downside to this Outdoor Sauna is its premium price tag!

2. Infrared Outdoor Barrel Sauna

An Infrared Outdoor Barrel Sauna is our 2nd pick for the next best modern infrared sauna. This sauna uses far-infrared technology to penetrate deep into the body and stimulate detoxification, relaxation, and pain relief. Its unique barrel shape will stand out in larger outdoor settings, perfect for rural and paddock settings.

What is nice about this barrel sauna is that its large cabin size with modern technology allows for similar features of a Clearlight® Sauna with the rustic feel of a traditional sauna.

Our Total Score = 3/5 stars. Additionally, the sauna is costly and its design quality creates difficulties in incorporating it into sophisticated outdoor designs; it also has limited versatility.

3. Barrel Saunas Traditional and Steam

The Traditional Barrel Outdoor Sauna is a stylish and unique type of outdoor models that ranks third. It has a barrel-like shape and can easily accommodate up to eight individuals. With an electric stove, it heats up quickly. Unlike other types of saunas, it uses electrically heated sauna stones for traditional heating.

Our Total Score = 2/5 stars. The traditional or steam barrel sauna does not have the modern features found in an infrared sauna. Additionally, its design quality makes it challenging to integrate into elaborate outdoor designs, limiting its flexibility. Furthermore, the sauna tends to be expensive.


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5 Benefits of the Clearlight® Outdoor Sauna

  1. Health Benefits: The Clearlight Outdoor Infrared Sauna is designed to raise your core body temperature for a more intense sweat, unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you. This feature ensures a deeper detox that decreases inflammation, relieves pain, and supports weight loss. The True Wave infrared sauna heater used in Clearlight® Saunas has far infrared heat, which has been shown to unlock the deeper benefits of infrared therapy, such as improved blood circulation, cardiovascular function, and mental health. Additionally, the infrared waves produced by the sauna can reduce joint pain and sore muscles, improve skin quality, and remove toxins from your body.
  2. Durable Cedartec® Shell: The Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna is built with a durable Cedartec® shell that ensures a long-lasting, weather-resistant, and durable build. This shell keeps the sauna protected from moisture and other environmental elements, allowing you to enjoy your sauna outdoors and indoors. The design of the sauna is also perfect for any outdoor or indoor space, thanks to its elegant exterior and lighting accents that make it stand out among your entertainment areas.
  3. Add-Ons: A Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna is an investment in your overall health, and the sauna can be customised to suit your needs. In addition to Full Spectrum Heaters, the sauna can be equipped with add-ons such as Vibrational Resonance Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Halotherapy, and Aromatherapy. The saunas also come with a medical-grade Chromotherapy lighting system that enhances relaxation and helps balance your chakras.
  4. Low EMF and ELF: A Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna is the world's leading sauna maker that exclusively uses EMF shielding technology to reduce electromagnetic radiation during sauna use. This industry-exclusive technology ensures the lowest levels of EMF and ELF while maximizing the benefits of the far infrared waves.
  5. Lifetime Guarantee: Clearlight® is committed to providing you with the best sauna experience, which is why they offer a lifetime guarantee with every Clearlight® Outdoor Infrared Sauna. This guarantee covers all parts, construction, and workmanship.

What's the best heat source for an Outdoor Sauna?

When deciding on outdoor infrared saunas vs traditional saunas, consider the heating elements. There are three main types of heating elements:

  • Infrared heaters
  • Steam heaters (electrical)
  • Traditional (wood-fire) heaters

Each type of heat has its own characteristics. An infrared sauna heats you up with direct contact with infrared light and the skin. This dry heat is extremely efficient, cost-effective and an amazing provider of the full list of health benefits.

A steam heater is a wet heat that uses the moisture in the air to make the cabin hot. They require more energy and electricity, and are harder to maintain, however, they provide extremely hot cabin temperatures.

Wood-fire saunas are also dry saunas, however, they work by heating the air to extreme temperatures and also utilise variations of hot rocks and steam.

Outdoor Infrared Saunas Vs. Hot Tubs

Another luxury wellbeing tool that people have in their backyard is hot tubs. The hot tub can be a great option for the entire family, offering health benefits such as relaxation, improve blood circulation, increase heart rate and joint pain relief.

What you'll notice is that the benefits of a hot tub are similar to a dry sauna and steam sauna, and that's because it is another form of heat therapy.

Benefits of a hot tub for the backyard

Hot tubs are great for the porch or space outside of the house, and come in a range of sizes, from four people all the way up to six people spas are common. While the range of benefits isn't as amazing as sauna's wellness benefits, they are still a great way to relax. If you are choosing between a hot tub vs sauna, then we believe an infrared sauna is a better investment for your outdoor area.

Saunas in Nature: A fun way to create your own style outdoors

Here are our top picks for the best outdoor infrared saunas in 2023 that are suitable for the entire family. Thank you for reading about our three favourite options. If you're still wondering where to put your infrared sauna we have a range of blogs that can help you.

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