How To Support Healthy Sauna Habits

Best Ways To Stay Healthy While Indoors


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Bad weather, sickness, natural disaster, and even global pandemics. 

There are times when it is not so advisable to go outside for days, weeks, or even months. 

Although temporary lockdown can get depressing for some, it definitely doesn't mean that we should give up on our health. 

There are actually several ways we can stay healthy indoors, both physically and mentally, so let us give you some inspiration.

Keep Learning

Staying at home for weeks can feel monotonous. 

According to some psychologists, there are different types of boredom: Some can motivate you to find new hobbies, to reconnect with old friends and relatives, or to discover hidden talents, e.g. making creative or funny videos. 

Alternatively, other types of boredom can lead to apathy and depression, which can rather quickly jeopardise the sufferer's mental health. 

Learning is a great way to maintain your mental well-being while indoors. If you have time to prepare, you can register for online courses, or buy new books in advance. 

On Udemy you can find more than 100,000-course options, from arts to science, marketing, and relationships, or you can go for an online university course, too.

Having a cursory glance on YouTube for educational videos, you can see the types of content you could potentially create. 

They say that, with enough practice, everyone's an expert at something. 

Well, this could be your chance to prove it. 

You can also ask those around to teach you something. 

You'd be surprised how much you can learn from your flatmates, your neighbors or even from your kids.

Learning doesn't always have to be serious, like a university degree. 

Sometimes acquiring simple skills can be fulfilling and useful. 

Learning a new language is always valuable while learning how to code, video editing techniques, or how to bake your own bread, can all be highly interesting and even addicting if you like it enough. 

The best part about learning is that you can do it inside of your infrared sauna.


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No Snack Gorging

Being locked in your house can have numerous benefits, especially for your wallet. 

Though not necessarily for your belly. 

It may sound obvious, but when one spends their whole day near the fridge, the temptation to snack can sometimes be too much.

Knowing your favorite food is stocked up and not eating it is for many people a real challenge. 

So when you go out for groceries, make sure that you buy as little comfort food as possible, while putting more healthy variations in your cart, instead.

There are some easy tricks to reduce consuming unhealthy food: 

First, listen to your body. Are you really hungry or do you just miss the feeling of eating? 

In fact, people often confuse thirst with hunger

When you feel like eating something between meals, you could try drinking a tall glass of water first.

If you still crave food, look for alternatives. 

According to Medical News Today, there are several reasons behind food cravings: 

These are sometimes emotional reasons, hormonal activity, and/or the lack of certain nutrients. 

The last one can be misleading, too. 

While it's normal to crave sugar or junk food, it doesn't necessarily mean that a juicy burger with mayo plus a chocolate bar is the answer to your body's demands.

For example, chocolate cravings may be caused by the need for magnesium. 

Therefore, they can be replaced with healthier snacks, like almonds. 

If you feel like eating sugar, maybe try some fruit. 

Instead of soda drinks, you can try sparkling water, with a squeeze of orange. 

Popcorn is a healthier alternative to potato crisps.

Remember that when you sauna, nutrition matters, so eating clean while you sauna will give you better health outcomes.

Create An Activity Space

A healthy body needs both active and resting periods. 

Set up a small wellness area at home: this active area could have an exercise bike, indoor rowers, a treadmill. 

If you don't want to sacrifice a whole room for the equipment, you can try TRX training, kettlebells and other weights, pilates, or yoga. 

There are several pieces of training online, and there's always the option to just do regular cardio, like burpees and jumping jacks.

When you're done with the fitness part, you could then indulge in a relaxing sauna session. 

These are not just good for your soul, but for your body too. 

There are several known health benefits of having a sauna in your home, such as detoxification, weight loss, better skin, and increased circulation.

For those who don't like extreme heat or high humidity, an Infrared Sauna, which recreates the safe infrared wavelengths of the sun, provides you with low-temperature heat, without the higher steam sauna temperatures. 

You can safely stay inside for 45-minute sessions, or more since their heat is more comfortable.

Moreover, thanks to the infrared technology used in these special heating systems, you can still enjoy all the benefits of the traditional sauna (and more), such as:

  • Increased metabolism, detoxification, and weight loss
  • Increased blood circulation, delivering oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Injuries heal faster, soreness and pain often disappear
  • Increased core temperature. The deep heating of infrared saunas strengthens and accelerates your immune system

The nice, warm atmosphere of the infrared sauna will help you relax and enjoy your time while indoors. It's ideal for meditation, too. As well as for sharing this calming experience with your loved ones. 

Staying healthy while indoors can be challenging, but it is certainly not impossible. the same requirements that your mind, body, and spirit need while outdoors, can also be achieved while indoors.

 Don't forget about playing board and videogames, building things, putting together puzzles, and just letting your inner child be free, every once in a while. 

It's a type of freedom we don't always get to enjoy as adults. 

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