Does Red Light Therapy Help Muscles?

How red light therapy works for muscle growth and muscle pain


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Red light therapy is the new buzz in the wellness industry, seemingly providing a wide range of health benefits to support and aid in mental well-being, improve sleep cycles, boost energy, and support good skin health

In this article, we'll be taking red light therapy under the microscope to determine whether or not red light therapy works for muscle growth and recovery.

Is Red Light Therapy Good For Muscle Recovery?

Red light therapy continues to show exciting results in aiding in muscle recovery and conditioning.

Improvements in muscle activity have been recorded in terms of strength, endurance, and general performance improvement.

A 2017 study found that red light therapy applied before exercise results in an increase in maximal muscular upper-body strength and an increase in grip strength. 

Similar results were obtained with regard to leg strength.

These health benefits have been recorded in both women and men, concluding both sexes attain an increase in overall strength after several sessions.

As a result, users reported an improvement in general performance and a shortening of the regeneration phase. 


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How Does Red Light Therapy Work For Muscle Pain?

Red light therapy has proven to naturally reduce pain. 

Studies have shown that red light therapy treatments can alleviate chronic back pain, muscle pain, and knee and joint pain.

It has also been demonstrated that red light therapy can improve overall healing results after injuries and surgeries, reducing the need for pain medication or other over-the-counter drugs.

That potential pain relief provided by red light therapy results from increased blood circulation within the body, especially to damaged tissue.

Furthermore, red light therapy also has the effect of photobiomodulation. 

An increase in ATP in the mitochondria is achieved, which gives your cells more usable energy and thus enables them to function better.

If a physiological dysfunction is the cause of the (chronic) pain, removing that dysfunction may thus reverse the presence of pain.

A 2018 study saw the use of red light therapy on burns accelerated the healing process.

This suggests that the optimisation of the cells' functions is directly linked to faster regeneration of damaged tissue, the body’s own immune system can therefore act stronger and faster to repair internal damages.

If you are interested, you can learn more about what red light therapy can do in a recent article here.

Can Red Light Therapy Reduce Inflammation?

Inflammation in the body is one of the main causes of chronic disease to date. 

Initial research results indicate that red light therapy can help reduce excess inflammation in the body. 

An excess of inflammation is detrimental to your overall health in many different ways.

In a study, positive developments in inflammation levels within the muscular level were found. 

That inflammation typically occurs during heavy strain from sports.

When red light therapy was used right before athletic endeavors, moreover, it resulted in pain relief and a shorter regeneration phase.

For an athlete, a shorter regeneration period entails you’re able to train or compete more frequently with full recovery.

Additionally, pain relief is observed in various forms of arthritis when red light therapy is regularly applied. 

A reduction of swelling (associated with arthritis) and stiffening resulted as well. 

These initial results are fantastic, as people with arthritis often live in pain and also have compromised mobility.

The above outcomes can be explained through the aforementioned photobiomodulation. 

Due to the supplied energy by both red and near-infrared light, the production of ATP in the mitochondria is stimulated.

Due to the increase in ATP, the body's own processes, such as the supply of blood and oxygen to the muscles, are more efficient and intensive.

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