An Introduction To Infrared Saunas

An Easy Way To Help You Lose Weight


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There are many different approaches to losing weight. 

Experts recommend adhering to a healthy diet and exercising at least 30 minutes every other day — no surprises there. 

But for many people, such a routine isn’t particularly fun, so after a few weeks, they quit.

Various studies also show that one of the keys to losing weight and keeping it off is consistency. 

That is why finding a way to easily lose weight through an enjoyable activity can be pivotal in reaching your weight loss goals. 

Infrared saunas use modern technologies that can both induce natural weight loss and offer a luxurious experience that you can enjoy, time and again. 

How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared saunas are dry saunas that emit electromagnetic waves that match the sun’s rays you receive naturally outdoors, syncing with the wavelengths of your body. 

At the same time, your body is being heated directly by these wavelengths. 

This is much more effective than the method of traditional saunas, which first warms the air that surrounds you, and only then can they warm up your body.

In addition to that, these saunas are built with you, the user, in mind. 

Brands such as Clearlight Infrared® Saunas deliver their saunas directly to your home, where it doesn’t take long to set up, due to its intuitive assembly design. 

Now that the sauna is in your household, easy, natural weight loss is possible well within your comfort zone.

With state of the art technology, Clearlight Infrared® Saunas use electromagnetic waves similar to that of the sun. 

These are emitted through wavelengths between 6 - 12 microns, which is optimal for your body.

These waves help heat the core of your body directly.


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Is An Infrared Sauna Easy?

On the surface, infrared saunas seem to use a lot of electricity, yet they only require around 15 minutes to warm up, before their use. 

This makes infrared saunas rather cost and energy-efficient, as well as only needing regular house mains to power up.

Clearlight Infrared® Saunas go a step further since they’re all made of high-quality woods, such as Western Red Canadian Cedar. 

They’re also sustainable for the environment, as they are 100% ‘Eco Certified’, from tree to final sauna model. 

In addition to that, the materials used are non-toxic, to ensure safe usage.

Do Infrared Saunas Make You Lose Weight?

While infrared saunas are able to increase the temperature of your body, they also help you lose weight effortlessly and comfortably. 

The heat directed towards the core of your body increases your heart rate and blood circulation, increasing your metabolism rate, without any movement. 

As the core of your body is being warmed up and blood circulation increases, blood cells that are filled with oxygen are delivered to the muscles deprived of oxygen. 

This process increases the rate of muscle recovery and reduces soreness on nerve endings. 

A study using Clearlight Infrared® Saunas has shown that the use of 3 times a week can reduce 4% of your body fat. 

Visible body-fat reduction often only requires each sauna session to be approximately 30 minutes long, too. 

However, high-stress levels may be a factor that deters your weight loss goals. 

So with the help of an infrared sauna, stress levels are also reduced, in addition to the other inherent health benefits

Do Infrared Saunas Lower Stress?

Besides reducing stress levels, the heat from infrared saunas is able to relieve stiff muscles. 

This will improve your overall mood with a reduction of fatigue — perfect at the end of your long day. Infrared saunas from Clearlight Infrared® Saunas can also be complemented with colour light therapy, which helps improve mental wellbeing in the comfort of your home. 

Colour light therapy can provide a soothing effect, which induces thoughts of healing. 

It has also been observed to reduce pain, swelling and seasonal depression that is due to the lack of sunlight. 

The colour setting may be changed to regulate your mood for each session. 

Colours such as yellow reset your mind by inspiring you to have clearer thoughts that will connect you to your personal wellbeing. 

Blue, on the other hand, is able to set the environment for deep relaxation which will improve sleep patterns.

With such state of the art technology, as well as a weekly or even daily ritual, Clearlight Infrared saunas help bring easy, luxurious weight-loss strategies, directly to your home. 

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