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An Interview With Neil O'Sullivan from Nimbus Co

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Nimbus Co is a contemporary wellness space offering state-of-the-art, private infrared sauna and ice bath services to locations in Byron Bay, Bondi, Melbourne, and Manly. Their ethos is one that fosters a connection to self, creating a truly nurturing space to immerse in away from the outside world. Partnering with a range of transformative technology, the services they provide at each studio include a range of Clearlight® Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas and state-of-the-art ice bath use. We sat down with founder Neil O'Sullivan to learn more about Nimbus Co.

The foundation of Nimbus Co

Neil: Essentially, my wife Su and I started Nimbus as a side hustle. We'd been together for 7 years and the first ideation on Nimbus came to us around January 2016. Su was working in a health clinic which offered infrared saunas mostly as a recovery tool.

Sue and I are both entrepreneurs so naturally, the brain wave came for us to start Nimbus Co. Nimbus Co was founded under the idea that prevention is better than cure. When you look after yourself and do it on a regular basis, it will benefit you in the long run, and we've always thought about saunas as a tool for long-term health.

Why did you choose infrared saunas?

There are great studies about the benefits of infrared sauna technology. We loved the idea that we could create something that is altruistic in nature and give back to the community. It was a no-brainer really.

We thought if we could give back while helping people to be fit and healthy through infrared saunas, and develop a lifestyle brand that disrupted the health industry at the same time, we'd be onto something.

We were also conscious that the infrared sauna alone is not necessarily the thing to change your world but can be used as a catalyst to welcoming your own wellness, which is our tagline. It's about finding balance within each individual.

Where did you first start?

When we first opened up the Bondi Beach store, we knew it was a great space. Bondi is a progressive area and quite contemporary so people grasped the concept super easily.

Locals there know about holistic health and are conscious of their health and well-being, and now a lot of them know about us, which is great.

But we are always thinking about the larger population, there's still a long way to go to really educate the masses on the benefits of infrared saunas, and each bit counts.


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What made you choose Clearlight® Saunas?

We knew Clearlight Saunas is one of the top-performing machines in the market, especially with its technology, safety and security.

We were previously using another sauna brand that had a lot of issues. When Su met co-founder Sebastian in New South Wales, Byron Bay, she felt there was a great synergy between our organisations.

What do you like about the saunas?

The saunas themselves have the full spectrum. The machines are well put together, they come with good protection from EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and tick all the boxes.

The reliability of the machines has been really great and the Clearlight team are incredibly helpful. We went to Splendour in the Grass for a promotion, and we also did a pop-up at the Paramount Hotel in Sydney, and the Clearlight team are always supportive, especially as we grew, really we're still a young business in many regards.

I feel like we are aligned in our brand values and what we stand for, and since making the move it's been a really good fit for us.

What Is The Best Way To Experience A Sauna Session?

That really depends, there's a wide spectrum of how people use saunas. Me, I play a lot of sports during the week, so Sunday evenings are usually my time to relax and are a good way for me to incorporate a recovery session that prepares me for Monday.

Who is your usual clientele?

What I've noticed is that Nimbus is very popular on the weekends and after work, as people usually have the time to visit them, especially those in corporate jobs. We see that most people are using saunas in one of two ways; for either their physical health or their mental health.

The physical users have a goal in mind, they might be shredding, or are models looking to clear their skin. Obviously, these are some of the physical benefits of using saunas. Then there's the mental and emotional side of using the sauna getting that hour away from the hustle of everyday life is a huge thing that we didn't foresee when we opened the doors, but we now realise is invaluable.

Why do you think they choose infrared therapy?

If you think about it, there aren't that many experiences on the planet that give you that feeling. Yeah, you can go to the gym, you can go to Pilates, you can go to the cinema, but you're constantly distracted.

Whereas when you are in a private sauna it's up to you, you can build your own experience you can turn the lights off, you can put meditation on, you can listen to Spotify, or you can watch Netflix. The experience is completely determined by you.

What would you suggest for newcomers?

We often promote to people that the sauna is an opportunity to take time out and away from your everyday life. Why not dedicate forty-five minutes to just you and you alone?

We know not everyone can be that extreme in shutting off and sometimes it's difficult for people because it's longer than a traditional sauna session, you're in there for forty-five minutes. So yes, while the physical benefits are awesome it's more about how to support people on a spiritual level.

We're endeavouring to bring people back to the ground in terms of who we are as humans, by taking a step back. That's the ultimate goal, then yes you get all the material and physical benefits on the other side.

Neil & Su founders of Nimbus Co

What makes Nimbus Co special?

I think one of our key aspects is the community spirit. Each store is like a hub for people to come and feel safe, and connected, and to have a chat. It's amazing some of the stories we hear, how vulnerable people are when they come into our studios, we love it, it's fantastic.

What makes each store different?

Each store has a different vibe, we have stores in Byron Bay industrial estate, Melbourne and Bondi. Byron Bay has a different vibe from Melbourne, even though they have the same look, feel, and fit-out. They all have their own unique personality and client base.

In Melbourne, a lot of AFL players come to us, so naturally, it has a very sporty urban feel to it. Bondi is more beachy and transient, people breeze in and breeze out. And Byron Bay is more the local hippie Byron vibe, they're into the spiritual side and take more time to enjoy the experience. I'm from Ireland, so someday I'd love to be able to open up a store there too!

We'd like to thank Neil for taking the time to talk to us about Nimbus Co. Make sure to visit their website to see their sauna and ice bath treatments. Currently, they do not offer body massage or acupuncture as a service.

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