December 12, 2020
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Design Tips for your Sydney Home

Clearlight Infrared® Saunas: The Hottest Trend For Your Sydney Home

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Design Tips For Your Sydney Home

Creating a grounding yet sophisticated environment is not only a matter of style, but more a matter of lifestyle. “The world is harsh and cold enough these days, so people are looking for spaces that nurture and envelope them. They want rooms that let them sink into the important things in life” states interior designer Scot Meacham Wood, and we could easily agree with that.

Whether you’re a Sydney inner-city digs person or a Queenscliff beach house type, your own four walls should feel warm and welcoming, when you step inside. Owning an infrared sauna in Sydney will not only increase the comfort levels of your home to the sky, but it’s also a modern design feature that pairs perfectly with the latest interior trends. Here are some ideas on how an infrared sauna can make your city or suburban residence go from “just a house” to a sanctuary.

Embrace Uniqueness

Tired of seeing the same trends over and over again? You are not alone! That’s why we can’t get enough of “uber-uniqueness”. Highly-crafted furnishings, exotic accessories, and unexpected design details. It’s worthwhile to invest time in finding specific items that you really love, which will allow your personality to shine through, and create a space that tells your story.

With an emphasis on modern Italian design, sustainable materials and groundbreaking technology, a full spectrum infrared sauna could be the statement piece that makes your Sydney abode stand out. Plus, your Clearlight Infrared® Sauna comes with colour light therapy, for that extra stylish effect, in addition to its known health benefits, like improved sleep and circulation.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Live indoor plants can give a room more character, as well as cleaner air while adding a gorgeous natural layer to the area. If the idea of a lush jungle-like garden excites you, but you don’t have a terrace or backyard, you can try building a miniature oasis inside. Maybe that storage corner that you have only half-heartedly used until now deserves a leafy makeover?

Houseplants can be low-maintenance, with only occasional watering required, while adding a bit of a wild vibe to your home. You can check these ones out, for inspiration. You can also turn any unused area into a tropical spa paradise! Think earthy tinted walls and a sea of lush greenery (dragon tree, split leaves, parlor palms – your choice!) framing a lovingly crafted sauna cabin.

All you need to recreate this dreamy indoor sanctuary is about 2 square meters of space, a household outlet to plug in your sauna cabin, and of course, your favorite plants! The more the better, as they can easily complement each other. Having more can also increase their benefits.

Sustainable & Built To Last

In recent years, sustainability has evolved from a temporary trend to a wide-ranging lifestyle choice, for all conscious consumers. Fast furniture was yesterday. Whether it’s restoring an heirloom or simply purchasing fewer, but more high-quality pieces, consumers are thinking more long-term than they have in the past. This is a welcome development, and helpful to the planet.

At Clearlight Saunas, we pride ourselves in using sustainable materials and innovative manufacturing processes to help protect our environment. Our cabins are built from eco-certified Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood, with hand-sanded and manually colour-matched wood panels. They have timeless design and superior craftsmanship, so that our saunas not only look great, but are made to last for a lifetime. You can take our word (or our warranty) for it.

If you want to find out more about infrared saunas in Sydney, you can contact us today. We’re happy to walk you through the options, to bring even more warmth, joy and style to your home.

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